We love feedback. Here is what some of our clients think of our service.

I have known Ben Foster for many years and I am pleased to see that he and Element Commercial are starting to make waves across the industry. With a portfolio predominantly in Melbourne’s south east, I have always used traditional agencies and Ben’s approach and care is a breath of fresh air. He and his team understand that landlords like myself want a simple and easy solution while also not being gouged with crazy fees. I highly recommend Ben and his team at Element to anyone looking for a real property manager.


Upper Beaconsfield VIC

I was referred to Element Commercial in 2020 and have been extremely happy with the service I am receiving. Ben understands how best to manage my tenants and property and I have confidence that he was the right choice of agent. I recommend Ben and Element to anyone looking for someone who cares and provides a simple approach to the management of their investment portfolio.

G.H .

Brighton VIC

Working with Ben at Element Commercial has been a seamless experience and we have found the expertise and professionalism with which Ben collaborates with us and our tenant to be vital in the success of our portfolio. We cannot recommend Ben and Element Commercial more highly.


Round Corner, NSW

We have been extremely pleased with the decision to transfer our property management needs to Ben Foster and the Element Commercial team. The actual transfer process was seamless and handled with great efficiency by Ben. We highly value and appreciate the ongoing management and high level of professional service and communication we receive from the Ben and we are confident that with this approach our property and tenant are well looked after.


Caulfield North, VIC

Ben Foster and Element Commercial was the best decision I have made. They made the transfer of management and the initial integration into their operations an easy and simple process. I am confident my tenant is in safe hands and receiving professional advice.


South Yarra, VIC

Over the past 15 years, my family has had numerous dealings with Ben Foster and found him to be professional, attentive and reliable. As a buyers advocate he was able to secure the purchase of my first property and ensure that prior to settlement, all of the required compliance matters were attended to, and finalised. I then engaged Ben and Element Commercial to manage the property and I can honestly say that it has been such a smooth and painless process. Ben’s communication with me is fantastic and he is always available when needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Ben and Element Commercial as buyers advocates or for the management of your investment.


Caulfield North, VIC